10 Ways to Challenge your Fear and Conquer New Challenges

What it is Fear? It’s an emotion we all deal with and how we handle it determines what kind of life we’ll live — whether shackled by anxiety and hopelessness or empowered to conquer new challenges.

What we say to ourselves either empowers us or creates built in excuses and promotes fear?

So many individuals use the terms “would, should and could.”
For example, “I would stop drinking…,” I should stop drinking…,” “I could stop drinking…”

I suppose many people do say these words and more importantly buy into them including myself at times – but when I do challenge myself to correct my thinking because there is a certain passivity involved in these “statements of past tense.”   “will, can, and shall.” Immediately create positive neurons to begin creating a HOW to take action and therefore overcoming Fear!

With a little effort you will find the courage to push beyond your comfort zone and tackle new worlds!

Here are 10 Ways to Challenge your Fear and Conquer New Challenges

1. Get physically Fit – The mind body connection keeps us in sync.

2. Connect with Good Friends –  We are social creatures. A positive connection with friends or family release Oxytocin, the hormone that binds mothers and children and husbands and wives. Its has been shown to lessen the sensation of pain and fear.

3. Expose Yourself –  One crucial tool for mastering fear is to develop a sense of confidence in your abilities. You can train yourself for this mindset by setting challenging but reachable goals that become progressively more difficult.

4. Think Positive –  Pay attention to your internal dialogue and to stop negative thinking.

5. Change the Perspective – Instead of panicking in the face of a crisis look at the situation from another perspective. Every challenge has a positive possibility that can come along with the bad. Understanding the larger context and best case scenario while putting into perspective the worst case will support you in stopping to worry and begin the process of finding a positive resolution.

6. Break it down – Large tasks can drive even the toughest into discouragement. They seem very daunting. Just break it down into small pieces. It will keep you from not starting and celebrating every step you achieve.

7. Get emotional – A powerful emotion will trump fear. How about love?

8. Have sex – If you’re scared tap into the soothing powers of oxytocin, the hormone of affection and bonding. Engaging in sexual intercourse will release this hormone and calm the anxiety while reducing fear

9. Enjoy the Ride –  Fear isn’t all bad. Intense fear causes our brain to release chemicals that mimic the effects of marijuana and amphetamines. Time seems to slow down and pain vanishes; we can run faster and lift heavier weights. Just see it as a direction to move towards and through

10. Smile – Fear and excitement produce the same physical response. So put a smile on your fear and feel it as excitement.