7 Most Common Mistakes Sales People Make

Hi. We all get complacent at times. Heck, I am good at giving advice but not as good at taking my own. The idea is to acknowledge that we are making the same mistakes and then make the necessary changes to address them. Once you do and make the required changes you will see a significant measurable increase in your sales. The trick is to make the shift in a positive way focusing on encouragement and the benefits to the sales person will have to their own sales goals and compensation plan.

1. The prospect takes over the sales process
How to Change?
Begin to ask questions. Treat it like a discovery call and follow a process where you can get answers to specific pain points, the ideal solution, obstacles and establish yourself as the subject matter expert.

2. Not doing your homework
How to Change?
Do your research prior to a call or engagement. You never know when a prospect can call you back so know your stuff and have it available in a CRM or somewhere for quick access. There is nothing worse than having someone feel their time is wasted because you are rehashing old info that you already know.

3. Providing irrelevant information
How to Change?
It is critical to make sure your prospect likes and trusts you. In addition they need to like the company and solution but you are the catalyst to make that happen. The flow of your presentation is key. Only hit the areas that you identified in the discovery process. Don’t talk about their new website if they are focused on building their new App. Focus on how your solution will fix an immediate need.

4. Taking over the conversation
How to Change?
Sales people love to talk (mostly about themselves) so this is the time that they have to learn to listen. You want to talk enough to give off the genuine impression that you care about your prospects unique and specific needs. Prompt them with questions and then sit back and take notes since all the buying signs will be presented to you.

5. Not being prepared
How to Change?
The key to a strong sales presentation is preparation. When you see a singer on stage and they sound great it’s a result of a lot of preparation. This is your performance. This is your stage so be ready to perform. Have your list of questions. Check the website. Look at competitors. Get a sense of the industry. Check LinkedIn. See what events they like to go to and show up… ok, that’s a joke. You don’t want to be a stalker 😉

6. Never asked for the sale
How to Change?
This is one of the biggest issues I see. We are eager to present our solution but our tone changes when we ask for the sale or worse, we never ask. Sales people like to schedule another meeting. You need to strike when the iron is hot so ask for the sale. If you sell a product or service you are obligated to ask for a commitment. This is a trade off for your time spent and their time as well. This is the goal you set for yourself prior to the call right? Make sure when you do it’s done in the same general tone and you are prepared to offset the investment amount with greater value.

7. Not having new prospects
How to Change?
When a sales person makes a sale they celebrate and then take their effort down since they successfully achieved a goal. The issue is that you are most likely to attract a new opportunity when you are in the state of greatest achievement. Hence, celebrate then get right back on and prospect. The goal is to constantly have your funnel filled. This is achieved through a multi-faceted inbound lead strategy as well as outbound strategy. Make sure to schedule your prospecting daily.

The goal is to have fun with sales and don’t sell!
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All the best!
Len May