About Len

Who am I as a coach?

Len May Personal, ADD and Business CoachingEntrepreneur

While attending Temple University in 1994, Len co-founded a web development company that was eventually sold. In 1996 Len founded Mayday Music Company which spread it’s tentacles into retail sales, music supervision, production, artist management and music publishing. Len is also an accomplished artist with paintings displayed across the country and featured on artpreferred.com. A successful real estate investor with an ownership stake in over 20 residential and several commercial properties at his height as well as a public presenter and lobbyist.



Len May developed a coaching methodology that he implemented at companies like National Positions where under Len’s leadership overall sales increased as well as profitability because Len helped attract and coach new talent to maximize their potential and for seasoned sales team members to make a shift in their mindset and remove any doubts in their ability. Len’s passion burned to share all the inspiration he received through his mentors and the life education he received through the success and failures he went through coaching. Over the last 10 years Len especially connected to individuals and small teams through customized coaching sessions that are geared to maximize potential, focusing on success through gratitude, compassion, love, energy and the mind body connection.  Len leverages 20 years of corporate experience in understanding ROI through change management and incorporates transformation using energy through frequency vibration. Len is a professional ADD Coach who created a process to transform your ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) to CADA (Creative Attention Deficit Advantage) or Creative Thinking.

Business Executive

Len brought a wealth of experience in customer acquisition and business development as well as maximized revenue growth and market penetration for numerous companies in new media entertainment and technology. Len’s experience includes Managing Director for Open Music Society Foundation, where he played a pivotal role in leading the organization’s marketing, communication and strategic growth. Len’s decorated career also includes Director at Cognizant Technology Solutions, Safeguard Scientific Venture Capital, Consulting Producer at Tri-Level Entertainment and Senior Manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Len has an expert knowledge of innovative sales strategy in high-tech industries as well as product strategies that enables rapid growth. Len specializes in sales leadership, coaching, mentoring and performance-based metrics.