Coaching or Therapy?

This is the question that I come across all the time, What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy? Well the difference varies.There are different types of coaching as there are therapies. For example, you have Relationship Coaching and a Psychiatrist who specialize in teenage addiction.

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What is the difference between coaching and therapy

This is like comparing apples to oranges, it just doesn’t make sense.The Coach is working to remove blockages and allow for Gratitude, Compassion and Love to enter but the psychiatrist may be working on childhood trauma and medicating their patient while they work achieving a breakthrough. However, a coach who’s niche to work with Creative Thinkers who have focus issues, stress, anxiety and boredom is much more aligned with a therapist who focuses on ADD, anxiety and substance abuse issues. There are clear fundamental differences like a Coach is solution oriented and a therapist is usually problem oriented. Another is that a Coach keeps you accountable and has specific action items that are takeaways or “homework” while the therapist usually doesn’t require this. The real takeaway is that sometimes a coach is the best solution and sometimes the therapist is. So if you have both then you really have all your basis covered;-)