Corporate Solutions

Len May Coaching Corporate Solutions



A 2-day session that lays out a detailed plan for the next 12 months and beyond  for your company Sets a clear direction for everyone in the company Learn More

Practical MBA

An in-depth, highly practical, study and workshop course, to guide you in how to run your company.  Takes place over three months. Occurs only once a year.  Limit of 10 participants at a time assures individual attention. Learn what it takes to run your company more effectively than you ever imagined possible.  Resolve the key dilemmas that are confronting you now. Learn More

Strategic Alignment Review

Under Len May Coaching Team’s guidance, your team performs a 3-day operational audit of your company on what it has to change to move forward (from usually a position of stagnation).  This program will initiate consistent growth for the company’s long-term future. Represents the first step of getting a company off the ‘treadmill’, leading to an exciting future for the company. Learn More

Listening Program

A 3-year Len May Coaching Team’s program to lead a smaller company forward, step-by- step for a dramatic change in outlook and results. This is a mini-version of the Climb to Excellence (designed for larger organizations as noted below). Anticipate a 30% annual growth rate after the first elements of the program have been installed. Learn More

Climb to Excellence

Embracing all of the material above,  Len May Coaching Team’s works with your company over a three-year time frame to bring it to a level of peak performance (Excellence) and sets your company up to remain at Excellence, indefinitely. Anticipate at least $100,000 savings in each year of the program and a continuous return on your investment of 20:1 per annum Learn More