Do we really need a special day to Love?

valentine's with border


I see a lot of posts all over social media about how Valentines Day being a “greeting card” holiday or “I hate Valentines”, etc… I recognize that it f

It feels good for you to give and the energy is shared even if some people feel that it’s a “pain”. Then why do we really need a special day to display our love? We know that it makes us feel great to share Love. The idea is to share that Love with ourselves first and you will be perfectly aligned to share all that Love with others.eels that it’s forced on you to have to do something that is supposed to express Love like flowers or chocolate.

What could be better than once a year a line of men at at the flower shop or ordering that bouquet of roses with the clear glass vase and a cute little Teddy Bear holding some chocolate kisses. That just melts her heart;-) The reason for this is that you are actually displaying your Love for your significant other or at the very least some “like” for someone you are forming a relationship with.

What about if you are solo for Valentines? Well, here are some ideas of giving some Valentines Love to yourself:

1. Give Yourself a Gift – The money you saved on flowers, chocolate, dinner, limo, hotel… maybe a little to far but you know what I mean;-) Use that money to give yourself to buy that gadget you wanted or go get fitted for a suit. If you’re a woman and you decided no man is currently connected to your energy maybe a pair of shoes?;-)

2.  Some Alone Time – How about ordering in some sushi, a glass of wine, a movie you wanted to see and celebrate your freedom.

3. Pamper Yourself – Go get a massage, get a shave, spa treatment, Try that yoga class you always wanted. This is your opportunity to care for you.

4. Party – Go out with your single friends and have some fun.

The point is that instead of being bitter, depressed, envious or other low frequency negative emotions, make a shift and embrace your freedom. The reason you are where you are and who you’re with or without is due to how you feel about yourself and the energy that you are putting out. Inspire yourself with Love, be Grateful for what you have now and consider that this greeting card holiday is simply a reminder of a ritual of Love that we have to practice daily!

Much Luv!!