Does your company have ADD?

I am so grateful for being invited to speak by the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA). They asked me to speak about ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) but specifically in the workplace.

So I began to think what is the correlation between ADD and companies that I have worked at. Then it finally clicked when I mentally retraced my employment history and was able to draw certain parallels. Then I was ready to introduce my concept. So after I spoke about my personal story of overcoming ADD and discovering that I am a Creative Thinker who was born with Creative Attention Deficit Advantage, I began to focus on by work experience. The core symptoms of ADD are developmentally inappropriate levels of Inattention, Indecision and Impulsivity. Isn’t it reasonable to apply the concept to an organization? Research conducted by Pro/Axios, December 2013 asked employees– “What are the greatest challenges facing your organization today?” The top 3 answers were:
Too many disconnected initiatives
Too much change going on at the same time
Uncertainty about organizational direction

The question is “Why does this happen?”
It Starts at the Top:
Leadership with ADD facilitates ADD in the Workplace
Ineffective analysis prevents good upfront decision-making
Leaders distracted by Next Big Idea
Non-stop treadmill executive meeting
Mood Swings

This creates:
Employee anxiety
Employee concern
Wait-and-see attitudes
Excessive Socializing

Ok, now How do you channel your CADA in the workplace?
Leadership allows all tasks to flow in and prioritizes according to Urgent, Important, etc….
Leadership needs to delegate and understand the strengths of their people
Leadership needs to moderate workload
You want the shiny new gadget by you must maintain focus
Learn how to run effective meeting
Set Vision and get everyone’s buy in

The final question I have is Does your company have ADD?