Fear of Headstands

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Don’t Fear the Headstand

I was taking a yoga class and while doing a headstand my mind began to wonder. I drifted back to when I couldn’t do a headstand, that wasn’t too long ago;-) What changed? It’s practice of course but it’s something else; the removal of fear. The fear of falling first. I may get hurt. So I fell a few times and I realized it wasn’t bad. Perhaps my fear was more associated with looking like a fool in front of others. Well, I felt that right in my ego. It was time to shed to explore and push myself.

Here are some signs that Fear of Failure is holding you back:

You haven’t committed to pushing or exploring – this occurs due to your Fear of Failing

You know but feel you are not good enough

Worrying that it may not be perfect

We must must be aware of fear but not let the fear control us. When we are struggling, suffering in some way, be aware that fear is stopping us. It’s like when you don’t know what you want to do and the Fear of Failure is preventing you from effectively exploring all opportunities.

If you want to shift your energy the process must begin with awareness. Recognize the fact that you are experiencing a pattern of events that are less than ideal. Finding gratitude will ultimately lead to acceptance that in turn becomes a renewed passion. You will now recognize the fear for what it really is and take that step into doing what we previously feared. The sense of accomplishment and seeing the pain, finding gratitude, and being in the moment will without a doubt remove any anxiety that fear paints in our brains.

It can be done once the process becomes a habit and is ingrained in your subconscious. With this practice, we can work with the fear that’s causing our problems. We can accept it without letting it stop us. And this practice, because we are alleviating our own suffering, is an act of self-compassion.

So, go for it! Do that headstand and give yourself some love for the accomplishment! Namaste;-) Much Luv!