It’s your time so reward yourself

Hi. Today I am opening up space for a very special coaching offer.

This offer will consist of 3 separate sessions:

Session 1 is to Find Your True Path – 45 min
We will determine what is truly fulfilling to you. You are the only person who can determine your passion and what drives you. However, through a series of questions and exercises I will guide you through the journey. It is truly exciting!

Session 2 is to Determine where you are on your Path – 45 min
We will focus on a deep dive to understand why you may or may not move towards the path you are supposed to. This process helps in finding out the real why.

Session 3 is to Create an Action Plan 45 min

This Session will be action oriented. The goal is to develop an action plan with specific timeline and milestones that you will be held accountable to for achieving the Goal or Path you determined is your calling. This can be a mix of intensity and fun;-)

The best part is that you can take advantage of this offer for only $300. Regular price $450

If you are interested, please use the Paypal button below or follow the link and make sure you use the word “Summer” to take advantage of this discount.

Summer Special

Looking forward to working with you to uncover your personal path and enjoy the journey!

Len May