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Creative Thinking is something you were born with. It’s in your DNA.  According to Cornell’s University’s Department of Neurology (Kenneth Heilman, M.D.
Professor of Neurology & Health Psychology , artistic and creative individuals have a particular characteristic that may enhance creativity and a specific way of communicating to various brain areas when it’s being creative and it’s in your DNA This is a type of “brain talk” that is critical to creativity.  However, if one does not know how manage “brain talk,” it can be problematic and is often misdiagnosis of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

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I am a Creative Individual that was diagnosed with ADD, before there was an “H” for hyperactivity and experienced many of the challenges of “brain talk.”  For example, in highly creative individuals multiple images appear at the same time and the brain has a difficult time focusing.  Therefore, when forced to focus on only one image or thing, the brain becomes fatigued or bored. In either case, self-medication is often introduced and has detrimental effect. (Disclaimer: I do not advocate or administer any medication and I am not suggesting that you get off any medication if they are prescribed by a licensed physician)

The process I utilize to assist in your creativity
is called CADA (Creative Attention Deficit Advantage)

I coach to “unfocus” and allow the natural flow of your brain to receive equal attention to the multiple images. Hence alleviating the boredom and fatigue. This is followed by a reward of Love, Gratitude and Compassion. You are not alone. Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Justin Timberlake, Jaime Oliver, Will Smith, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Jim Carey, Sir Richard Branson, Paris Hilton, Terry Bradshaw, James Carville, Paul Orfalea, Founder of Kinko’s, Pete Rose, Michelle Rodriguez, David Neeleman, Founder of JetBlue, Salma Hayek, Woopi Goldberg, Beethoven, Glenn Beck, Woody Harrelson, John Chambers CEO of Cisco Systems, Ingvar Kamprad Founder of Ikea, Charles Schwab Founder of the largest brokerage in the US, Adam Levine, Ryan Gosling and Katherine Ellison just to name a few;-)

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