Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coach Los AngelesThe most important relationship we have is with ourselves. The process to shift and look within ourselves to begin remove the years of crud through the programming we received is a way to begin to actually breath for the first time and attract the relationships that truly fulfill us. I consider myself a Self-Relationship coach because I went through the process of becoming the person who I would like to attract in my life. This process supported me in having amazing relationships with family, friends, colleagues and brought incredible clarity, purpose and love into my life, and it will for YOU!

We will work on letting go of the past, focusing on the present and being grateful for what we already have. Learning how to give Love to ourselves is the only way we can share that love with others.

Men and Women Breakup and Divorce Recovery, Personal CoachingMy specialty is working with MEN and WOMEN who have gone through a bad breakup or divorce. The anger, loneliness, feeling of failure, guilt and reduced self esteem can sometimes seem crippling. I went through it myself and can relate. However, my process allows you take your Power back and experience the kind of Life that is filled with Love every day. Would you like to have great friendships, great relationship with your kids, an amazing partner, great sex and a fulfilling career?

Take Action Today and Schedule you complimentary session you can shift into a new relationship with yourself through Gratitude, Compassion and Love and begin to Live the Life you truly Love!

Len May Relationship Coaching