Small Business Coaching, Big Business Coaching and Executive Coaching…Same Basic Issues

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or big business the issues always come down to people. I am on my second day doing an Executive Coaching engagement with a $30M dollar company. This is probably a medium sized business and they had enjoyed steady growth but not necessarily steady profitability. The issues are the same as they are for a small business or and enterprise, they are aligned exactly with the core issues I usually address in Personal Coaching. The core issue is having an individual placed in a position that is misaligned for their personality traits. This creates a great deal of conflict for the individual and interrupts the enterprise at every level. The emotion that is spent in managing day to day tasks when the employee or even the manager is not in their natural flow creates chaos, apathy and even resentment. So what is the solution? Well here are a few:

1. Conduct a Personality Assessment – It’s a no brainer for new employees

There is no choice but to deal with the high staff turn-over and its manifestation of low morale with strong action to realign current company thinking and processes. This can be achieved by holding a 3-day Strategic Alignment Retreat (SAR). This self-solution process will put the company on a clear path to re-energize and renew itself positively.

two statistics tell the story: (i) 47% of new hires leave their jobs within 12 to 18 months of their coming on staff; (ii) looking across the board of all people who leave one job for another, the average salary increase of the new job is around 5%; often the cost to an individual to change jobs is around 5%. At this seminar learn why the selection and retention processes are such disasters.