5 Actions Guaranteed to Improve your Business

WorkIt doesn’t matter if you are a small business or big business the issues always come down to people. I am on my second day doing an Executive Coaching engagement with a $30M dollar company. This is probably a medium sized business and they had enjoyed steady growth but not necessarily steady profitability. The issues are the same as they are for a small business or and enterprise, they are aligned exactly with the core issues I usually address in Personal Coaching. The core issue is having Individuals placed in a position that is Misaligned for their personality traits. This creates a great deal of conflict for the individual and interrupts the enterprise at every level. The emotion that is spent in managing day to day tasks when the employee or even the manager is not in their natural flow creates chaos, apathy and even resentment. So what is the solution? Well here are a few:

1. Conduct a Personality Assessment – It’s a no brainer for new employees but consider doing it for existing employees as well.

2. Re-Align – high turnover? Low morale? The sure way to address this is by conducting a Strategic Alignment Retreat. Go over challenges with employees, promote ownership of areas, create accountability at all levels and re-energize the employees by giving them leadership responsibility that falls in line with their natural flow. You will see them naturally gravitating and volunteering for those responsibilities anyway

3. Create clear expectations for excellence and promotion plan – 47% of employees leave within 12 to 18 months of their coming on board. The average salary increase of the new job they leave for is 5%. Keep that number in mind when it’s bonus time. When expectations are clear and they are met make sure that the reward is not only financial but increase responsibility. Employees usually want to feel they are in a leadership position

4. Start Thinking Numbers – this is key. Everyone needs to understand and participate in keep track of their personal statistics. This way everyone understands that they are contributing positively to the overall objectives the company set up to measure their success. Be clear with those measures. Too many irrelevant numbers just create busy work that is not sustainable. Only track statistics that relate to profitability

5. Change your Dialog – This is very important because attitude is contagious. Therefore, don’t blame, forget the words, can’t, shouldn’t etc… and replace them with must, will and can. It begins with leadership. “Never let them see you sweat”. That means don’t lead with emotion or anxiety. This doesn’t mean lie it means be realistic and optimistic about the issues and communicate corrective action immediately. You can’t really motivate unless people find motivation within themselves If you are not satisfied with the current state of your company then the first step in a multi-step process is to acknowledge. The second step is to ask for help. Don’t let your ego decide the faith of your dreams. Set up a consultation at http://www.lenmaycoaching.com/contact-len/ Much Luv!