If You Don’t Live for Something You’ll Die for Nothing

I was walking by a store window when I saw this sign. I heard and seen this before but today it seemed to connect differently. I was with my daughter and she asked me what that means. I thought for a while and then I said it means that living a life that you love to live everyday. I asked her what her goals, her dreams and how she seems her life going. She began to describe in detail what her life will be like, what house she will have move her entire family into, what her career will be and even the dog she’ll have;-)

This is an amazing gift kids have to be able to use their imagination with no limitations believe that anything is possible. You can dream as big as you want. Unfortunately, we begin to let the doubts and people’s own insecurities that we mirror. So I decided to put together a of Things to Live For!:

1. Hugs and Kisses

2. Baby’s breath

3. Eating your favorite dessert

4. Great Sex!

5. Chocolate lava cake

6. Crawling under warm clean sheets out of the dryer

7. A fresh hot or coffee in the morning

8. Listening to your favorite song

9. Watching your favorite movie

10. Going to the beach

11. Falling in love

12. Ice cream on a hot day

13. Love from family

14. Going on a roller coaster

15. Laughing at your favorite comic

16. Cuddling with the one you love in a thunderstorm

17. Meeting cool people

18. Playing an instrument

19. Feeling on last day of school

20. Smell of fresh flowers

21. Watching the sunset

22. Reading your favorite book

23. Hanging out with good friends

24. Hitting the snooze button and getting that extra 10 min of sleep

25. Eating your favorite meal. Mmmm sashimi;-)

I can keep going but I wanted to hear from everyone else. Please add yours in the comments section and we will have a great list of Things to Live For! Much Luv!

Live for Something

If You Don’t Live for Something You Die for Nothing