Who is an Executive Coach?


Business owners and executives are sometimes so caught up in the daily grind of running their business that they don’t realize they hit a certain plateau in taking this business to the next level. An executive coach or a business coach will ask you “What else can you do to move the company forward?” It’s difficult for business executives to have honest constructive criticism  based on their obvious level in the company. However, you have a gut feel that something requires a shift, a change, reorganization or a mediation in a partnership disagreement. Some companies need training, some needs new compensation plans and others may need a strategy shift. Whatever the reason is they recognize that a neutral third party is required.

It’s a liberating experience to empower yourself with a new strategy for maximizing your growth and s
uccess. A coach is another leader that you bring into your organization that can make real time changes for immediate results.  An executive coach can either work one on one or in a small group setting.

Why hire an executive coach?

  • There is a change in corporate role
  • You want to improve your leadership skills
  • The frequency you are vibrating at is out of balance
  • Your company is increasing sales but not profits
  • Your relationships are not fulfilling
  • Your company is growing too rapidly
  • You are managing people instead of managing your business
  • You need help creating a vested interest for your employees
  • You have been receiving negative comments or reviews
  • You are considering a merger
  • You tried everything you can think of but still not getting the desired results
  • You need help hiring talent
  • You need a capital raise
  • You require an exit strategy
  • You need better corporate communication
  • You have gaps in your management team
  • You want to improve your mission, vision and values

These are just some of the reasons why you would hire an Executive Coach or Business Coach. You want to interview coaches to make sure they not only have experience but that you have a connection with your coach. Stop by http://www.lenmaycoaching.com/professional-coaching/ for more information. Much Luv!